Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simple Beaute

Are you dreaming about having a simple plan for your facial care system, simple solution for your whole body?

I'm talking about having one jar of great quality, all natural cream you could use around your eyes, all over your face, on your shoulders, your decollette, your feet - in other words, all over your body and you wouldn't have to travel with -or use - a whole bunch of jars and bottles and sprayers every morning and every night.

Sounds like Utopia?

It may sound like something impossible but it's not anymore!

There's a product on the market, all natural, without any preservatives whatsoever, made out of seven wonderful ingredients:

~Organic Aloe Vera Juice
~Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
~Organic Jojoba Oil
~Organic Shea Butter
~Organic Mango Butter
~Natural Palm Oil

These fine oils from tropical regions throughout the world are the best Dr. Mercola believes is available to provide best for your ageless beautiful and healthy skin.

I purchased a Value 3-Pack, that is Natural Body Butter variety: Unscented, Lavender, Jasmine. They are big (4 oz.) jars that go a long way, even though I'm using them a lot. They don't feel too greasy or too heavy, they spread nicely. In short, I enjoy them a lot!

Oh, and BTW, price for them is not exotic - at all! :)


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