Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Has anyone told you?

You've probably heard about how we pick up a whole lot of limiting beliefs along the road of growing up and even as adults. Well, I'm happy to admit that there's one belief I've had had for as long as I can remember, although I have no idea where or when it moved into my belief system... :)

That precious belief of mine is that the real beauty comes from within, that inspired beauty is what makes mature women gracious and more beautiful and attractive than ever before. Inspired beauty from the very core of one's being is the only real thing: timeless and ageless...

The only way to achieve this glorious state is through internal bliss. When you feel happy, healthy, wealthy, joyous, prosperous, understanding, peaceful (or bring any other from the variety of these beautiful feelings into your consciousness) you have that glowing beauty that no expensive beauty product can reward you with.

Here's something wonderfully inspirational, especially for you today, it's all yours, no charge, only one click away (what a great thing the Internet is!).

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