Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Uses of Pure Soap

One of the most important steps in everyone’s skin and beauty care is regular cleaning of your skin. In gentle cleansing process old, dead cells should be removed together with excess and suspended oil, makeup and environmental add-ons.

However, good quality cleanser should not strip the skin of its natural and nurturing oils, leave it overly dry or “too-tight”. After rinsing, skin-friendly cleanser should not leave any alkaline residue on your skin.

Use of pure soap, made of all-natural, pure oils has many benefits:

• accelerates your skin’s own cellular reproduction process
• leaves your skin soft and smooth
• cleans your skin safely and thoroughly
• is equally beneficial for normal and oily skin
• is great for problem skin of teenagers
• is gentle enough for sensitive baby skin
• creaminess and lubricity make pure soap an ultimate shaving cream for men and women
• some people even use pure soap to wash their hair
• many people use pure soap in place of toothpaste or toothpowder

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