Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Neglected Underarms

As far as nourishing, underarms seem to be very neglected area or our skin. Most people apply some kind of deodorant or antiperspirant daily (make sure you use something that's safe) but never even think about using some body lotion or cream under arms.

If your skin in the underarm area tends to get dry or even flaky, then you already know how irritating that might be and I don't have to remind you of that. On the contrary, I'm happy to share with you a simple solution to keep your underarms healthy, nourished and good-looking.

First of all, in my experience it's best to shave at night to give your skin enough time to recover before applying deodorant again.

An second of all, after shaving, apply some pure organic jojoba oil. Your underarms will be grateful!

Jojoba oil is actually a liquid plant wax, very moisturizing (not greasy)and absorbent - similar to our skin's own sebum. Also recommended to be used as a scalp cleanser.

How to Apply Deodorant


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